Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle

The Oldest African-American Baptist Church in Lower Westchester County

Founded July 1888

"The Church With The Healing Touch"

Ministry Chairperson Meeting Date Meeting Time
Worship Team Sis. Deon Franklin & Bro. Kevin Jacdson Sunday 1:00 pm
Purpose Sis. Rosalyn Barnes Monday 7:30 pm
Sanctuary Choir Sis. Doretha Buster Tuesday 7:00 pm
Angelic Voices of Bethesda Bro. Kevin Jackson, Director Thursday 6:30 pm
Bethesda Male Chorus Bro. Jerry Hutchinson, Director Thursday 8:00 pm
Christian Education
Sunday Morning Bible Study Deaconess Michelle Long Sunday 8:00 am
Discipleship III Class Deacon Janice Francis 2nd & 4th Sunday 1:00 pm
Board of Christian Education Deacon Paula Russell 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm
Youth Leaders - SMBS Teachers' Meeting Deaconess Michelle Long 2nd Tuesday 7:30 pm
SMBS Training Session Deaconess Michelle Long Wednesday 6:00 pm
SMBS Staff Deaconess Michelle Long 3rd Saturday 12 noon
SMBS Kingdom Builders Deaconess Michelle Long 2nd, 3rd, 4th Saturday 12 noon
Youth Ministry
Tribe Called Blessed Minister Jack Thatcher Friday 7:00 pm
Angelic Praise Dancers Sis. Rosalyn Barnes Saturday 10:30 am
Jehovah Jireh Mime Ministry Sis. Rosalyn Barnes Saturday 10:30 am
Youth Super Saturday Minister Jack Thatcher 2nd & 3rd Saturday 12:30 pm
Spiritual Formation Groups
Christians In College Sis. Angela Campbell 2nd Monday 7:00 pm
Married Couples Deacons Carl & Brigette Williams 1st & 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm
Empowering Praying Parents Sis. Angela Campbell 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:00 pm
Praying Sisters Minister Debbi Ewell-Thompson 4th Friday 7:00 pm
General Ministries
Choice Men's Ministry Deacon Joeffrey Gardner 2nd Thursday 6:30 pm
Life Safety Minister Timothy McKnight 2nd Thursday 6:30 pm
Spirit Power Friday Minister Timothy McKnight Friday 5:30 am
Young Adult Bible Study Rev. Allen Paul Weaver, III Friday 7:30 pm
Deaconess Ministry Deaconess Norma Ifill Saturday before 1st Sunday 9:15 am
Trustees Ministry Trustee Elwood Tuck Saturday before 1st Sunday 10:00 am
Deacons Ministry Deacon Dennis Cummins Saturday before 1st Sunday 10:15 am
Joint Official Board Pastor Weaver Saturday before 1st Sunday 12 noon
Senior Ushers Sis. E. Marie Parker 2nd Saturday 3:00 pm
Evangelism Ministry Minister Sebrina Trent-Elmore 2nd &4th Saturday 12 noon
B.A.S.I.C. 101 Pastor Weaver 3rd Sunday 1:00 pm
B.A.S.I.C. 201 Minister Debbi Ewell-Thompson 3rd Sunday 1:00 pm
Mission Outreach Ministry
Board of Mission Deacon Nettie J. Weaver 3rd Saturday 9:00 am
Food Pantry Deaconess Karen Soltau 2nd & 4th Saturday 10:00 am
Lad's Lunch Ministry Deacon Norma Stephenson Saturday 12 noon
Community Outreach Minister Timothy McKnight 2nd Sunday 1:00 am
Forget Me Not- Nursing Home Visitation Minister Timothy McKnight 3rd Sunday 1:00 am

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Bethesda exists to glorify God by reaching, teaching, and motivating people to become genuine followers of Jesus Christ.


Everyone is welcomed!

8:00 a.m. Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:30 a.m. Morning Worship


71 Lincoln Avenue

New Rochelle, NY 10801


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