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Pastor Allen Paul Weaver, Jr. - Personal Musings

Knowing Christ Intimately


The apostle Paul declares in Philippians 3:10 that his greatest desire is to know Christ, not just know Him personally, but to know Him in the power of His resurrection and to know Him through the fellowship of His suffering so that he might attain to life after death. This is no tall order! As I survey the church of today, I find very few believers who desire to know Christ as intimately as the apostle Paul wanted to know Him. We say we want to know Him, but then our actions betray us; we are not willing to invest the time and energy necessary to know Him intimately. If we grew up in Sunday School we developed a knowledge of Christ that was age appropriate. However, as we grew into adulthood we did not invest the time necessary to become acquainted with Christ beyond the childhood level. Because of this, we find our knowledge of Christ inadequate to help us face the crises of our day. And so, we suffer a loss of faith; and we are clueless as to why.


John Bright said most Christians of this modern age are Biblical illiterate. It is only when we become students of the Bible that we are able to develop an intimate knowledge of Christ. This does not come through visions and dreams, but through an in-depth study of the Word of God. When we learn how to spend time with Biblical characters and observe how they learned to cope with their troubles, which are inherent in all of life, then and only then will we learn how to cope with our own troubles. Once we begin to learn what the Bible has to say about Jesus, then we will embark upon a journey that will change our concept of God. That’s a good thing!


Why is it a good thing? It is a good thing because we will have moved from a childhood understanding of God to a more mature understanding. Our faith will increase; our ability to cope will stabilize our lives, opening up a deeper understanding of faith as well as creating an unquenchable desire within your heart to do everything possible to get to know Christ.


“That I may know Him….” All that we need to know and can know about Jesus emanates from the personal teachings of the Holy Spirit. Jesus calls Him the Comforter. His purpose, according to Jesus, “He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you,” Additionally Jesus said, “When He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come.”


To know Jesus means I have to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Apart from the Holy Spirit I cannot come to know Jesus intimately. Apart from the Holy Spirit, I am unable to understand fully the teachings of Jesus, nor am I able to decipher the ultimate meanings of the miracles He performed. It takes having the empowerment of the Spirit for me to shed my childhood concept of God and embrace a more mature understanding of God.


This is the first step you and I have to take in order to develop and maintain a mature and healthy view of Jesus. Because many have refused to take this first step, they have a superficial understanding of Jesus, all of which is based on the level of my understanding when I was ten years old. The world is more complex; the problems are crowding, pushing and prodding us; we are overwhelm by the fast pace changes to our moral codes within this country; we then feel hopeless unable to cope, given over to depression, anxiety, and fear. Developing a more mature view of God will cause us to get a better grip on this world.





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